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1. Where can I find your prices?

You can email me at contact [at] kariz-matik [dot] com to receive my full, up to date price-list. Or even easier yet, you can jump on over to my ‘contact’ page above and use the contact form to get in touch — it has a few questions to get you started on all your wedding details. Feel free to throw some more in, too. I love hearing all the deets!

2. Can we meet with you?

Of course! Jump on the contact page to see how you can get in touch with me. I truly love meeting with my clients and really think we should meet at least once — How else will we know if we can get along on your big day?! I truly do believe it is the most intimate day of your life and having a photographer you can get along with (and like!) is a huge thing. I think meeting with your photographer is a great step in the right direction in achieving this, too, so please consider it (no matter what photographer you decide on having!).

3. Do you travel internationally or interstate for Weddings & Engagement Sessions?

I certainly do! I have an up to date passport ready to go. And I absolutely love traveling whether it be a state away or a totally different continent. I’ve seen a bit of the world already (Japan, Canada, America, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan. Just to name a few!) and would be ecstatic to jump on a plane to shoot different weddings from around the world! The same goes for interstate Weddings — I have a stack all over Australia this year. If you’d like to add to the list, just get in contact to find out how!

4. Do you give High-Res’ CD’s?

I surely do. No matter the package or shoot, you receive all of your files on a DVD in a very cool little case. The files are JPEG (high resolution), free of any ‘watermark’ or ‘copyright’. And of course, all the files you receive have been lovingly hand-edited by yours truly.

5. What do you shoot with?

I love Canon tones and of course, their prime lenses. Currently, I shoot Weddings with a Canon 5DMKIII (with a few back-ups, of course). I’m partial to my 50 L but also have a 35 L, 45 TS-E and a 135 L. I’ve found having these 4 primary lenses at all shoots gives me a diverse look, without over-complicating the photo-journalistic approach that I do have.

6. How would you describe your ‘style’?

If I had to put it in a box, photo-journalistic mixed with contemporary fashion. But I don’t think anyone has ‘one’ given style. Depending on the scenery, the light and a myriad of other variables, I have to ‘switch it up’ sometimes. Photography isn’t something you can put in a box and put a label on, it is incredibly diverse and that is the reason I love being a photographer.

7. Do you have social media websites or anywhere we can “follow” what you’re up to?




LifeIn a little town in the middle of no-where, on the side of a mountain. Say hi if you stop by!

8. Any other questions?

Feel free to contact me either via the contact page or the email address mentioned above. I’d love to answer any questions you may have!