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The best thing about the Wedding industry in today’s day and age is that whether you’re a photographer, florist, cinematographer, invitation maker or even just a kick-ass venue — Chances are, you’ll know someone who knows someone who knew someone who did something that was pretty rad. Thankfully, I’ve made some AWESOME friends, affiliates, acquaintances, whatever you want to call it – Simply through showing up to Weddings. I’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly … and the absolutely AMAZING. And this section is my way of giving back, giving props and saying “Hey! Brides! Check these guys out!” — Because not only do I want to see my friends absolutely rock your Wedding … I also LOVE working with people I know will bring the ‘goods’ – It means I know my Brides & Grooms are in good hands but it also means I know what my friends expect of me and vice versa. Which of course, means awesome things for our clients in the long run.

So, here is a short list of ‘everything’ you may need or may want — Or hey, you may have completely have forgotten about until you saw these killer services below. Either way, check out all my friends below for the best of the best … of the best ofthebestbestbesteverinaday.

In no particular order,

:: Wedding Blogs / Inspiration ::

- Ruffled Blog ;
- Polka Dot Bride ;

:: Invitations / Decorations / Paper Stuff ::

- Daisy & Jack ;

:: Cinematographers / Moment Recorders ::

- One Day In Mind ;
- Geoff Schatzel ;

:: Musicians / Instrument Basher ::

- Carl Wockner ;

:: Florist / Pretty Thing Arranger ::

- Green & Bloom ;

:: Make Up Artists / Gorgeousness in a Bottle ::

- Sally Townsend ;

:: Awesome Stuff / Bottomless Money Spending Pit ::

- Etsy ;

This will be a growing, on-going list and will be updated as regularly as possible.