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Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

Wondering where I’ve been? Well … I’ve been a wee bit busy, the type of busy I wouldn’t complain about. And I can’t wait to show off all the awesome people and weddings I’ve shot lately. They’ll be up soon. I say that a lot but this time I pinky promise, double lock, no take backs promise. In the meantime though, I wanted to show you a sneak peek compilation of a few weddings I’ve shot so far in 2012, all over the place! Also, keep an eye out for the May edition of Bride To Be — You’ll find a wedding I shot in there :-} Enjoy,

by Julian Beattie

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Sara - The 3rd image is insane!!

Ben - Killing it dude! seriously. love that train shot

David Campbell - WOW! Some really amazing photos you have here. The locations are just as amazing too.

Caroline - insanely gorgeous work, julian!

Dan - loverly stuff mate

John Kim - Effin' positively, wonderfully AMAZING, dude!!!!

David Ferguson | Brisbane - Great year man, great work.

simon - wow .... that is a post and a 1/2. INSANE!

Stew - Awesome work dude!

Jonathan Wherrett - Sweeeeet work Jules!!

Jon - Sweet set.

Scout - Man you have the best job in the world!! Fantastic images, you rock!!!

Gemma cooper - I never get sick of weddings when I am looking at your magic photos jules! You certainly are a master craftsman!

Laura Harrison - OMG! This just made me wee my pants with excitement. These photos are gorgeous and I can't wait until we're the one in front of that big beautiful lens. :)

Rich - These are quality, so so good!! Loving them!

Janneke - Always so inspiring! You're amazing :)

Luisa Brimble - MY WORD! Kickin' ass indeed!

john day - double tops jules :)

Jesse Pafundi - Absolutely stellar work, damn!


Seth - mind = blown

alvaroserranosierra - me gustan! como siempre...

Keegan Adriance - Dude. Amazing. I'm so stoked.

mike - Wow. Love it.

Nicki Feltham - That's another wow from me! Amazing work...

Rodrigo Vargas - Full of win.

Anita - I'm so proud of you, you are my inspiration.

Levi Tijerina - You bastard, these are all sick.

Rebecca - These are stunning! It looks like lots of beautiful weddings for you this year :)

Rebecca - These are stunning! It looks like lots of beautiful weddings for you this year :)

Hamish Jordan - oh my goodness, these are amazing shots, awesome!!

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