Spooky circles of time

I think it’s fair to say Miles and I are both really annoyed at the “delay” in moving forward.  The extra 8-10 days doesn’t seem much in the overall scheme of things but is actually very frustrating.  For weeks we have been working towards the big “depart”, and we now find ourselves living amongst boxes that we didn’t need to have packed, rearranging work for clients, losing the phones & internet before we have moved to Quarante, and all the time knowing that there is SO much to do that we can’t get started.

We have 2 whiteboards on the go and now new lists added to old lists.

In this “void” of moving activity we are both trying (and in my case failing) to focus on some work.

As my mind wandered it suddenly occurred to me that Monday will not be my first visit to the Notaires office in Quarante.  The last time I went there was with my Dad when he bought his first house in Cruzy.  That seems a very long time ago now, certainly before I had nieces and nephews.  But then I also checked the timing.  It was November 2000.  I wish I could recall the exact date, but somehow it’s just a little bit spooky that 12 years ago (almost to the day) a different French adventure began, and I will find myself sitting back in exactly the same room.


Packing and impatient !

packing upThe Big Money is now on its way to the Notaire and packing is well underway.

The exchange rate is less helpful than it was several weeks ago, so a bit of a shortfall and some frustration there but in general there is just so much to do we are impatient to “get going”.

One of the road-workers put a pick-axe through our water pipe yesterday so we woke up to a house without running water… they have been drilling and sawing concrete directly in front of this house for days and a thick layer of debris and dust has made its way through the walls and covered everything in the garage too.  Each interior room is getting slightly emptier and echo-ier – it certainly feels less “homely” here every day.

Can’t wait to pack up and crack on.

Chaos in Cruzy

Today the house is still being shaken so I’m not sure how much real work will get done – I do hope the man operating the digger takes a very long lunch.

The “moving spreadsheet” so carefully created has largely been ignored.

Thanks to diggers and dejunking the working week has been suffering – but the main reason nothing has gone to plan for the past 2 weeks is thanks to a man in Newcastle (a separate story).

Prior to the move Miles is planning a short trip to Wales, and although I was hoping to get a teeny weeny break away from all this chaos, it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be. The kennel costs alone mean both of us travelling triple the cost of the visit – so that’s that.

Work it Sell it Move it is my mantra.