Colour of the day: Red White or Blue

The latest influence in our lives is Option Tempo – ”La couleur du jour’.

The EDF (Energy Dearly Furnished) have various “plans”.  Number 36 has a red white  & blue plan.  Since moving in we have not fully understand what that means but thankfully (and before it’s too late) we have grasped the concept and found the all-crucial internet page that tells us what we need to know on a daily basis.

It’s now EXTREMELY cold here – snow is on the mountains, the winds are icey – we have no carpets and the central-heating is still a mystery.

What this very patriotic chart shows is that when it is MOST cold and MOST expensive the cost of electricity is highest – on a red day it’s .50€ per unit !

So in Number 36 we now consider every switch, every bulb, how we cook every meal and when we wash.   Today has been a blue day which is great – I’ve managed to fit in 3 loads of washing AND we’ve put the dishwasher on.

It’s true – there’s nothing like an empty bank account to make you aware of your environment.  The log pile is getting a total hammering but if all else fails we could start burning some furniture.