Not our favorite colour.

The boxing of things has been put on hold for 48 hrs as we have run out of padded cells and are waiting for the Usain Bolt of bubble wrap to arrive. We have had a couple of interim messages saying that the change of account is ‘en cours’. Great! We asked for the 5th of November and they are aiming for the 4th. Of course! ‘Why wouldn’t ya’ to borrow a phrase from friends. Luckily, the 4th is a Sunday, so the chances of the French telecoms bloke turning up are slim. Monday morning, there is a much better chance of things happening.

Chaos in Cruzy

Today the house is still being shaken so I’m not sure how much real work will get done – I do hope the man operating the digger takes a very long lunch.

The “moving spreadsheet” so carefully created has largely been ignored.

Thanks to diggers and dejunking the working week has been suffering – but the main reason nothing has gone to plan for the past 2 weeks is thanks to a man in Newcastle (a separate story).

Prior to the move Miles is planning a short trip to Wales, and although I was hoping to get a teeny weeny break away from all this chaos, it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be. The kennel costs alone mean both of us travelling triple the cost of the visit – so that’s that.

Work it Sell it Move it is my mantra.