Power cuts & toolkits

“some” of the toolboxes …

After a meeting yesterday morning I came home to crack on with work and then the roadmen cut off the electricity.  ‘C’est la vie’ at the moment.

So unable to do proper work I entered a zone.  It’s called The Garage.  I had forgotten quite how bad it gets in there if unattended.   Once I’d got over the shock, stumbling about on my own in the dark for a few hours was actually quite useful.  A whole heap of things got packaged for the dustbin, and I even managed to make my way through the dust (seriously you have no idea how bad things are in this street at the moment) to stack some boxes in a pile.

Most of my friends know I used to have a thing for shoes.  Now I live in the south of France (and mostly flip-flops) and lifestyle is rather different, the whole shoe-fetish has gone out the window.   So putting the shoe on the other foot (so to speak) what shocked me most from this adventure into The Garage was not the shoe boxes but the TOOL boxes.  My goodness how many does a man need?!

I lost count.  They are everywhere.

So dear readers a noteworthy point this Christmas – I rather feel that MrB does NOT need another toolbox 😉



3 thoughts on “Power cuts & toolkits

  1. Well, in my defence (not that I need one) I would like to point out that most of them came with trhe power tool that lives within. No.5 for instance is a 20kg road breaker, while no.2 is the recycled box from a cordless drill that now houses a recip saw… Honest! And if anyone wants to buy me another for christmas, they would be very welcome to!

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