The “Holidays”

A month since either of us posted. Could that be due to it being the ‘holiday’ season?  Kitchen tilesHere at ‘Borris Towers’ there does not seem to be one of those, although in many ways there was no real expectation of a rest, just a slight hope!

Since the last post, we have sorted the heating, and even in the coldest weather the house has been comfortable, helped of course by the lovely open fire and a diminishing tank full of heating oil. Mr Baskerville (Nibs) likes to try and climb in to the fire as it gets going, then when it’s hot he collapses in to the nearest bed. Other progress includes continuing the quest for a red and white kitchen (see pic) and a proper go at making it habitable in some of the other bedrooms. One of the reasons for that is Katie (sister of Annette), Mark and the 2 kids are arriving this morning. New years eve for them would not be the same without some fab food and a boogie in a restaurant in the South of France. As last year, the choice of venue is the Terminus. Just to make the week even more challenging, tomorrow we have invited pretty much everyone we know to come and look at the house and have a drink and a nibble. All this seems to have escalated to the point where a sausage roll is now a smoked duck blini, and a cheese and pineapple on a stick has metamorphosed in to individual pear and blue cheese tartlets. Annette has worked her socks and knuckles off to get the house straight for this week, all the while trying to keep paying clients happy. Me? I just keep going through my ever lengthening DIY list. Happy new year all…

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