The long pause

As bloggers go, I’m not that consistent. So many things happen and yet there never seems to be a good moment to writing about it all. It’s nearly 2015, and I have barely put digits to keyboard in 18 months. That being said, I may try and blog a bit about the last few months (ok, couple of years), but in reverse order.

So, the most recent happenings at Number36 have been to do with the roof, the façade, and the garage. In mid November, M. ABELLO Serge put the scaffolding up to redo the façade and the roof of the house. Jobs like that are horribly expensive over here, but with an old house its possible to get a grant to help. Perhaps more of that later…Top half, base coat, bottom half bare stone

The plan was to chip off the old frontage, and redo it in a shiny new lime based render in 2 coats. All good, and while the thick basecoat was drying they would do the roof.
So all was going to plan, they finished the basecoat and Monday morning were due to start the roof. Only it hammered down with rain. For the whole week. There was another small job to be done from inside, so they got on with that. Basically making a window a bit bigger to get more light in.
That took us up to the 1st December, and at 7.30am on Monday, while it was still dark, the doorbell rang. Men and machinery were in place to to get the old roof removed and start on the new one. Day one was removal of half the roof, day 2 was casting a concrete beam around the perimeter, and getting the 8″ extruded insulation in place. Water resistant chipboard on top, water resistant plasterboard on the bottom, and a lot of insulation between.DSCF9080

Day 3 arrived and the rest of the roof was removed, and on the 4th day a similar process was underway, so we had a complete but not yet tiled roof. Hurrah! Note there is still no glazing in the window openings so we are still very open to the elements. That was the Thursday. On Thursday night, it started to piss down with rain. There had been 1mm predicted, and what we got was a downpour that lasted 24 hrs. The gaps between the panels were filled but not yet watertight so the attic started to fill with water, and we went to sleep to the sound of dripping water. Hard at work with a crane!Sleep may not be the right word, suffice to say it was not a good night.

The next morning the chaps turned up at the usual time with a determined look on their faces. “We’re tiling” said they. And boy oh boy, did they tile. 3 of them covered the 140m2 roof in the morning, rendering us more or less watertight. With the lack of glazing, the breeze is running through and drying the attic out nicely, so the next week should see most of the roof finished, and maybe even the façade on it’s top coat.

Exciting times. More photos will follow!

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