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What can I say? I love originality in all things, living or inanimate. I adore original ideas and unique views – Whether in photography or just life itself. I’m a globe-trotter, not from Harlem. After high school, I traveled to as many places as I could around the world – Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Canada, America and I’m sure some other places I’ve forgotten, too. I have a big woolly dog; he is a Chocolate Labradoodle and his name is Eddie. I love Starbucks and you’ll come to realize just how much the more you get to know me. I love rainy days, Country Road, sunlight, minimalism, hoodies and jackets, old film cameras (Yashicas, yes please!), trains, cigar box guitars, canvas messenger bags, reclaimed timber furniture, vintage art, the smell of a recording studio, the feel of bitumen on a summers day, the word “bitumen”, a good novel, our hammock in winter with a big blanket, my bed and most of all, I still miss Canada. All in all, I’m just a young at heart photographer who loves to travel Australia shooting awesome weddings, meeting wonderful couples and forever trying to be the best at what I do. Oh and please, no matter who you are, call me Jules.